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Ray E.

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About Ray
Member Since:October, 2011
Preferred Subjects:Biology, Microbiology and Science. Languages Arabic, English, and French. Physiology, Anatomy. Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Surgery. Algebra, GEAD, MCAT, SAT, ADD, ADHD, Study Skills.
Education:Medical Degree.
Worked as a post doctoral in University of Virginia. and will ensure you get the target you want. riyadellati@gmail.com , 434 566 9322.

I am available to tutor in person or on skype.

I have a medical degree, and decided to go into research after.
As post doc at University of Virginia, I took charge of five projects, collaborated with many doctors and published my work.

Experience:I taught undergraduate and pre med. I also taught students at Vet, Medical, nursing, physiotherapy school.

As regards languages, I had wide variety of age groups or needs, whether they needed the language for work or school, or got married to someone who speaks the language.

I also tutored students in high and middle school.


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Hobbies:Running, working out, biking, playing basketball, fishing, playing drums (Tableh), dancing salsa, cooking, growing plants and reading.
Average Rating
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
Client Reviews (1)
Ray is an excellent tutor! He tutored me for a bio molecular science class and a physiology class (vet med classes). He explained things in a easy manner and helped me focus on important concepts. He was also very accomadating in setting up tutor session times. Thanks to Ray I passed my classes and can now move on to year two of vet school!! Highly recommend Ray and if your are concerned about the price my motto is that it's cheaper to get a tutor then to repeat the entire year/ class over again. Thanks again Ray!!!
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.